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Art Opening: Ashley Payne

What is movement and why is it so appealing? Is it about freedom or progress? How do we function, survive, and thrive as thinking, feeling individuals? And how do we connect with each other, intellectually and emotionally? These are some of the questions LA based artist Ashley Payne explores when she is painting. In her new series, MOVEMENT: Everything is Energy, the artist reflects on the energy tied to humanity and human emotions as impacted by our environment and immediate surroundings. The artist creates organic lines and colors using combinations of acrylic, watercolor, ink and iridescent paint. Strokes of impulse, strength, love, frustration, fluidity and joy dance across paper, creating the external grace and beauty of each painting. Ashley Payne's solo exhibition will be on view at As We Dwell in the Arts District with an opening night on September 7th from 6-9pm.

Later Event: September 9
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