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Finding your Voice: Writing Workshop

Instructor: Arielle Estoria
Location: 1131 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013
Description: Feeling stuck in your creative path? Have you always loved writing but felt as though you weren't "good enough" or "qualified" to do so? Or maybe you feel as though you don’t even know what to write because you’re struggling to figure out what your voice even sounds like let alone what it wants to say.
Maybe you just want a Saturday morning space to be able to clear your head and get thoughts down on paper.
Whatever space you may be in, come join Author, Speaker and Social Media Story Teller, Arielle Estoria and the Faithful Artisans team for a morning of, breaking through creative walls involving fear and shame, exploring the sound of your own voice and the voice of others.  Hopefully by the end of the two hours, you let the writer and lover of words within you finally breath again! Click hereto sign up