As We Dwell


This is Our Love Story

All the romance goes out the door soon after the proposal when you soon realize the daunting price tag that comes with wedding planning. Well, it did for us at least. We wanted to keep our wedding within the range of $10,000 and although we did end up going over our budget, we didn’t feel too bad about it. Ultimately, we decided to choose our friends to be the vendors for our wedding and would highly recommend anyone and everyone to do the same! It dawned on us that we would much rather spend our money hiring hardworking and talented friends and you know what…it no longer mattered that we went over our budget.

As the founder of As We Dwell, we wanted to be the first couple to christen our space with our wedding. We also wanted to work out all the little kinks and see what was possible and what wasn’t. We basically pulled off one of the greatest miracles of all time because the space was still very much under construction. But somehow, we all came together and it all magically came together. Here is a glimpse of our special day. Thank you a million times a millions to all of our friendors who made our day extra special.

We love hosting weddings here in our dwelling and helping couples be mindful of their budget is our jam! If this speaks to you, and you’re a soon-to-be-married couple, come and check us out!

Sarah Jung