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Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Workshop

Instructor: Leire Baztarrica
Location: 1131 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013
Description: Lifestyle is the most commercially viable style of photography today. This kind of photography, allows the photographer to get creative and plan direction through documenting a range of subjects. The workshop is going to be focused in lifestyle for influencers and people that need to add HQ content to their social media profiles. You'll achieve the knowledge on how to focus, capturing the expressions and personalities of people in their environments. In order to practice, you will have a model present and at your disposal. You'll learn the tips and techniques within this style of shooting, and take some incredible images for your portfolio!

Experience in photography is not essential, but a good understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO is an advantage. Please bring a DSLR camera and your own lens of 50mm F1.4, F1.8 or F2.8 (or anything similar) to achieve the most creative results. 

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