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Watercolor Brush Calligraphy

Instructor: Carina Cheung from bycocoandco
Location: 1131 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013
Want to learn modern watercolor brush calligraphy but not sure where to begin? This workshop will teach you the basics of word formation! In this class, you will learn basic brush calligraphy strokes and how to apply the correct pressure throughout the lowercase alphabet. You will also learn tips and tricks on styling a quote onto paper using water-brush calligraphy! Click here to sign up

What you will learn within this workshop:
-basic brush strokes
-word formation and lowercase alphabet script
-How to create a design layout and letter a print with your favorite quote

This workshop will include materials to use and to take home such as:
-Watercolor Brush Guide sheets
-Watercolor paper
- 1 water brush
- watercolor round brush (2/00)
-watercolor paints
-Bonus goodie: a hand lettered print for future motivation and inspiration!
-Light snacks and refreshments will be provided!

Earlier Event: April 22
Modern Calligraphy