It all started with a dream...

An open space where creatives could collaborate and freely create, build and craft with other like-minded individuals. A dwelling place that encourages intentional relationships and cultivates a collaborative environment. As We Dwell together, we could thrive, inspire and empower.

"I’ve always loved tapping into my creativity and working with my hands as long as I can remember. The process of building and making something from nothing made me come alive, and I often found creative ways to integrate that into my life. I spent 12 years as an educator, and one thing I wanted to instill in the hearts of my students was “Never EVER give up on your dreams!” And now that I have transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, my heart is to continue to share the same message." (Read more about Sarah's Story)

 Founder & Creative Director, Sarah Jung

Founder & Creative Director, Sarah Jung

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